Western Red Cedar

WESTERN RED CEDAR – Thuja plicata. It is world renowned for its fine grain and beautiful texture. This species is naturally rot resistant, very durable, light in weight, free of pitch or resin and is considered one of the most desirable softwoods. Resistant to decay and insect damage, this wood is desirable for untold applications and will remain sound in most environments for more than a century. Having a low relative density affords a good thermal insulator, hence ideal for saunas. Other common uses include siding, decking, interior panelling and fencing.

Cedar Mature Premium High Grade Sort 420
Cedar Mature High Grade Sort 421
Cedar Mature Large Sawlog Sort 425
Cedar Premium Sawlog Sort 424
Cedar Sawlog Sort 427
Cedar Premium Gang Sort 426
Cedar Gang Sort 428
Cedar Chip-n-Saw Sort 410

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