Sitka Spruce

SITKA SPRUCE – Picea sitchensis - Is highly valued for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and for excellent tone and resonating qualities. It is utilized as the sounding board in the finest grand pianos. Stronger than the same weight component made of steel, Sitka Spruce for many structural applications. Sitka Spruce grows along the Pacific Coast mostly near sea level. It is most abundant on Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Spruce Mature Premium High Grade Sort 620
Spruce Mature High Grade Sort 621
Spruce Mature High Grade Shop Sort 622
Spruce Mature Premium Sawlog Sort 623
Spruce Mature Medium Sawlog Sort 624
Spruce Mature Large Sawlog Sort 625
Spruce Premium Gang Sort 626
Spruce Large Sawlog Sort 627
Spruce High Grade Shop Sort 663
Spruce SG Medium Sawlog Sort 604
Spruce SG Premium Gang Sort 607
Spruce Gang Sort 628

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