HEMLOCK – Tsuga heterophylla - Is a very strong and even grained species. It is very light colored and has little contrast between heartwood and sapwood. It can be utilized for many applications requiring strength. Common uses include doors, windows, staircases and ladders and can also be used in specialized uses such as wood turnings, broom handles and rails. 

Hemlock Mature Premium Lumber Sort 222
Hemlock Mature Timber Sawlog Sort 219
Hemlock Mature Premium Sawlog Sort 224
Hem Bal Mature Large Sawlog Sort 227
Hem Bal Mature Sawlog Sort 205
Hem Bal Mature Gang Sort 209
Hem Bal SG K Sawlog Sort 203
Hem Bal SG K Gang Sort 207
Hem Bal China Gang Sort 228
Hem Bal China Sawlog Sort 229
Hem Bal Chip-n-Saw Sort 210

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